Locating Phlebotomy Classes in Greensboro NC

To help diagnose a patient, medical practitioners would usually test one thing and that is the patient’s blood. Obtaining blood from a patient requires a certain skill and this can be acquired by attending phlebotomy classes in Greensboro NC, which mostly health care practitioners in Greensboro is expected to do. Phlebotomy classes are important and will teach students how to properly extract blood samples from their patients and as well as how to inject beneficial fluids into them during medical treatment.

Generally, a phlebotomy course program would contain instructions on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, medical terminologies, human anatomy and physiology, and of course, phlebotomy techniques. These are very essential in the training of a potential phlebotomist and will help make the process simple, safe and easy. However, schools offering phlebotomy classes in Greensboro NC are very few and those who are interested to train can look for colleges or universities that offer the phlebotomy program from surrounding areas near Greensboro.

As a medical student, phlebotomy training is sometimes part of the curriculum course and if one happens to be a student of ECPI University in Greensboro, then there is no longer need to apply for a training program. Presently, the ECPI University is one of the few schools offering phlebotomy classes in Greensboro NC where many have trained to become a licensed phlebotomist. Moreover, there is also the Greensboro campus of Strayer University to consider, though not as prominent as ECPI University in the training of prospective phlebotomist, it is still one of those that provide the training and hands-on practice that are needed to successfully perform the procedure.

In the instance that you happen to be a health care practitioner looking for a school to train as a phlebotomist, you can check one of those mentioned above. But, as also indicated, there are not many schools offering phlebotomy classes in Greensboro NC and in North Carolina there are a number of schools offering the training within a hundred mile radius of Greensboro. Some of which you can find below.

  • Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, 340 Victoria Road Asheville, NC 28801-4816, United States, (828) 254 1921
  • King’s College, 322 Lamar Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina 28204, United States, (704) 372 0266
  • Durham Community College, 1637 Lawson Street, Durham, NC 27703, United States, (919) 536 7200
  • Gaston College, 201 Highway 321, Dallas, NC 28034-1499, United States, (704) 922-6228
  • Johnstone Community College, 245 College Road Smithfield, NC 27577, United States, (919) 934 3051

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