Phlebotomy Certification in Oregon

There is no state-level certification requirement for phlebotomists in Oregon. Phlebotomists are medical personnel who draw blood from patients who are to be diagnosed of ailments or diseases. Phlebotomists in Oregon must complete the necessary training and must possess personal skills. Most employers prefer to hire applicants with phlebotomy certification in Oregon. The Bureau of Labor statistics states that demand for skilled phlebotomists will undoubtedly increase in 2018. Phlebotomists are medical workers who are trained to practice venipuncture. The lives of numerous patients all over the world are saved by early diagnoses. Phlebotomists are truly an important part in treating patients. In this regard, a potential is intended for phlebotomists.

One of the career schools after phlebotomy training certificate is in the West Coast Phlebotomy Incorporated. Classes are held from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. In order to finish a course, a student needs six weeks of training. On this course, students are taught on how to be efficient phlebotomists in the field. Recently, The National Health career Association approved West Coast Phlebotomy Inc.’s curriculum. After passing the program, students are qualified to take the National Certification Test. In doing so, passing the National Certification Test is a much higher achievement than a phlebotomy certification in Oregon.

Linn-Benton Community College tenders a short term phlebotomy certification in Oregon. Their program includes classroom instructions and clinical experience. They will be engaging in a comprehensive study for 15 weeks starting the first eleven weeks with theoretical knowledge. Then, the last four weeks will be spent at a clinic, physician’s office and hospital doing hands on training. After surpassing all the requirements, is eligible to take the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science certification exam and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists certification exam. To find this college, you can visit 6500 Pacific Boulevard Southwest, Albany, Oregon 97321.

To pass the phlebotomy certification in Oregon, always secure all of your requirements in check ups, interviews and registration. After all the hard work and achieving the title, the real journey is about to begin. Finding a job in six cities namely Eugene, Bend, Corvallis, Salem, Portland and Medford is your next task. With the state’s market strength ranging from 0.44 to 0.95, you are sure to land a job in no time.

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